Supported Independent Living Options

Whether you need complex 24/7 high intensity supports or minimal prompting and support for daily care needs, we can assist.

Our accommodation team comprises 80+ passionate, committed and values aligned disability support workers who operate across a 24/7 schedule to ensure participants live their best life through person centred, strengths based active supports.


Community Participation Program for 2021.

Community Participation Program for 2021.

You will notice some of the old favourites are still running and we have lots of new activities too!

We are looking forward to welcoming some new clients in 2021 and helping them reach their goals.

Drop In Support

We provide an ‘in-home’ and ‘in the community’ approach to support and help with all aspects of daily life.



What our clients are saying

“James has had a fun and busy year with CHSS. He has started a microbusiness, kept fit and healthy with swimming, bike riding and morning walks and planted out his vege garden with the changing seasons.

I like to go out to the Jetty theatre and the night markets with my support worker. I cook my dinner now and I put my clothes in the washing machine at night. I like going out and laughing at home with the support workers.”


accesses our supported independent living program
“My favourite activities are BBQ and fishing. I like to get outdoors and to be with people.

My support workers at the CHSS are helping me to get my license. I go bike riding with Josh to keep fit and do Ten Pin Bowling which is fun!

At CHSS I am amongst my friends. I am able to talk to staff here if I have problems.”


accesses our community participation program and drop in supports
“I love to sing a lot and I am also the lead singer in our Red Hots Band.

I join in the Money Skills class and my support workers help me develop my independent living skills at home.

I love being a part of the CHSS activities, all my friends are here.”


accesses our community participation program and drop in supports

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