Coffs Harbour Support Services

Students making great progress

The Language Literacy and Numeracy tutoring at CHSS has come to the end of its first term, having moved to a new location and engaged a new tutor, Nyssa. The successes have been clear to see with students Bryson Widders and Andrew Hammond learning the NATO alphabet for use in their SES volunteer work.

Bryson and fellow student Jordan Fogarty have been supporting each other’s learning in the group Money Matters getting to grips with % discounts in stores.

Lauren Bertram and Sophie Deane are making steady progress towards their long term goal to use a cash register.

Rebecca Clark and Tony Knight are figuring out the analogue clock and learning the various ways of telling someone the time, with great success.

Meanwhile Jordie Davies and Bryson’s handwriting has improved a lot in a short amount of time.

Michael Nojin, Jade Fuller and John Luken have been working on communication and reading.

Finally, we have had success writing an essay in Izaac Lynch-Tonkin’s lessons and Daniel Swan has been challenging himself to comprehension exercises and writing well rounded answers to the questions asked.

It has been an amazing start and long may the wonderful progress continue!