Coffs Harbour Support Services

CHSS Strategic Plan

CHSS Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018


A community in which people with disability are valued and contributing members


To enable our customers to ‘Live a Good Life’


The values on which our actions are based:


Respect is demonstrated in all dealings with customers, stakeholders and the community


We maintain an emphasis on people above systems. Customer, community and professional networks, partnerships and alliances are used to drive outcomes, share ideas, expertise and enthusiasm

Positive Images

We ensure positive perceptions are promoted in everything we do


Leadership, effective communication, commitment to quality and initiative are evident at all levels

Strategic Goals 2015/2018


Improve Brand Recognition to position CHSS as the service of choice

Strong links in the community are important to building a “good life” for the people we support. This requires CHSS to be recognised, visible and valued to harness opportunities and community support for the people we support.


Strengthen a “culture” that supports the CHSS brand

Our culture is based on respect, relationships, positive images and professionalism. A commitment to inclusion and enriching the lives of the people we support is evident in all our actions.


Pursue purposeful, locally focussed and commercially viable opportunities for growth

Our growth will ensure we remain vibrant, viable and add value to the local community. Our emphasis will remain local.


Maximise our use of and place in community

We will seek opportunities to be involved in and contribute to celebrations and events. We will seek to share and utilise community resources and will share our own resources with the community.


To be the expert on NDIS in our community

We are committed to providing useful, clear information to people on the NDIS, including how individuals and families can best prepare to get the best possible outcomes under an NDIS.


To have effective systems that support our operations and services under an NDIS

We will continue to develop systems that are efficient and support the provision of high quality support and services. This includes technology and information systems that are user friendly and widely available.

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